So I had left coding for a good span on a month. I was under the impression that I must focus on the being a more people person than being a more tech related person.

Boy was I under an illusion! Some people are just bad. They don’t have anything but opinions to give. Constructive feedback is what I was looking for and that’s what I got when I was able to approach the people at the top. Which maybe a little daunting at first but usually they are a lot more humble than anyone else.

So I did complete my second React Nano-degree project. I understood a lot about redux and how store is the boss! I realised that that was just basic project, overloaded with content. Overwhelming but definitely not the most advanced. For more advanced stuff I have enrolled in another course in udemy and will give a review about that as well. Also redux tutorials in the udacity nanodegree program felt a bit rushed, I wont lie. Maybe it’s just me, but I found it to be quite difficult. Had it not been for some external motivation and the impending deadline, AND the expensive fees, I would not have completed it.

Kudos to David Katz, this person has some amazing courses on udemy which will help you inculcate your theoretical knowledge with practical applications. But his Master Redux course is only for people who have had a taste in React-Redux and are struggling to understand how it works.

I will be reviewing some of my courses and some experiences I had with Hacktoberfest which will be centered around new things I learned in github and I found were not there in a blog form.

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