Dreams of automating deployment: Org setup update 1

Abhishek Prasad
2 min readMay 10, 2019
Trying to bring in some order in this chaos

For every open-source maintainer trying to birth a repo/project for the first time, it is a tough task. For someone as noob as me, that’s a whole different ball game. But we all have to start somewhere right? Might as well.

It all started with the dilemma of how to setup CI/CD in my project. I looked into CirleCI. The only issue I have is I don't have any unit tests written. Dude! That comes with its own set of demons. But I guess that the process of learning comes with its fair share of problems.

The plan, for now, is to set up `Husky` which would add a pre-commit hook which will test the code with prettier for linting issue and as the contributor to fix that first(if only they had something like that for real-world commitments 😉).

Anyway, that would be the first step.
Hopefully what will follow is a basic CI setup with Jest running on CircleCI this weekend. HOPEFULLY!
Still, have to figure out how to test GraphQL and the code in Node.

Those who have any idea or are interested in maintaining the org/project with me do join the discord server https://discord.gg/WW54MtB

Also, check out the org

Please?! 😅



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