Frustration- A sign that you’re trying. #100DaysofCode #Day5

Abhishek Prasad
3 min readJun 24, 2017

Okay, so the day went well. I was actually able to get the weather-app project of FCC functional and designed graphically. I’ll be attaching the images of the screens. What I wanted to mention first is that if anyone can tell me anything about making a page completely responsive, please do so.

Here’s the GitHub link —

I got some fantastic advice from

. I haven’t implemented them, which I will be doing soon. This woman is awesome! She participates in marathons and runs 10 miles every day while doing some pretty fantastic work in an Art Museum. WHAT! I was shell-shocked. Here I am, a guy who can’t even go through a 15 min High-Intensity Training, and here is this amazing personality. Amazing what people can do. Everyone is full of surprises. I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologise to my teammate for putting off our work for the day. I promise brother, I’ll get back to it asap.

I also managed to watch some of week 1 of cs50. Pretty basic stuff until now. I also managed to solve some coding related questions both on FCC and on HackerRank. Which included Data-Structures mostly. Right now, I’ll be watching Colt Steele’s boot camp videos. That was all the coding stuff I did today. I will be going for an interview next week for a potential internship which should be fun. So things are on the up, hopefully I am able to sustain it.

Now having said that! I am thoroughly frustrated today. I hate it when people treat others like an entity and they feel like the other person will always be the understanding one which isn’t the usual case. The thing is

“I don’t get mad, I get distant.”

It only frustrates you, even more so, when your friends complain about their somewhat ideal situation but, everyone has their own demons and insecurities. So no judgement there. But it still frustrates me somehow. Seems like I myself need to go and read what I wrote on Day 1 of the #100DaysofCode.

I know that the ending is not good but I’m really frustrated guys, cut me some slack. If possible take me out for lunch too? ;)

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