Giving up on expectations.. #100DaysofCode #Day2

Abhishek Prasad
3 min readJun 21, 2017


After my first post about #100DaysofCode, I felt really good. Finally I started something that I am sort of passionate about. The story received good reactions, but maybe because I shared it with the people who I knew would like it. But then the most amazing thing happened P1xt responded to the post!! I was on seventh heaven. I couldn’t believe it! I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t sleep for another hour. It messed me up while going to the gym today and not having sufficient sleep. But hey! It’s okay to mess up every now and then.

Quickly taking this opportunity to ask a question, what do you guys think about the React Nano-Degree course by Udacity? It costs somewhere around $300. So do you think it’ll be a worthwhile investment?

It was sort of a really productive day, not in terms of me getting a lot done but me getting just things started and finishing couple of things. Firstly I got started with how to register a Service Worker. Also, I got to know how to hijack requests made by the user. Awesome Stuff!

Then I finally got to work on the Patatap clone. I can finally say that I finished it! Oh the relief that I get after getting something done. It’s both relaxing and troubling. Relaxing because I had finished something and troubling because then I don’t feel like working on it to improve it anymore. Basically, the development aspect is done with some trade-offs. I am not a pro at canvas animations so I couldn’t get all those custom animations as it’s in the original version. I have to design a loading page which won’t allow the user to access the application page until and unless all the sound clips are loaded and lastly, I have to host it. Slow and lets hope for steady!

I have been thinking of hosting on Github. If anyone has a better idea please send me an email or feel free to respond here.

I have been feeling so blessed with the events that have started to come up in my life. The experiences may not be pleasant but the kind of advice I am getting from people is really giving me life goals. Today a very dear friend of mine said something..

“Until and unless something clicks don’t put much effort into it.”

I realised she was dead right!

We unknowingly create expectations from others and anything with baseless expectations come crashing down. It’s so subtle that even we are not conscious about us developing expectations from someone. There is another thing with expectations, once they are fulfilled consistently, we start taking it for granted. Like for instance, if my mother fails to call me for 2–3 consecutive days. I might barely realise it, because I’m so used to her meeting my expectations of caring for me that I don’t realise how blessed I am to have someone like her in my life. When those expectations aren’t met we fall into the waves of depression,anxiety,etc.

So that was my Day 2 of #100DaysofCode. Hopefully you all keep hearing from me for the next 98 days.



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