I turned off my Medium digest and why you might want to do that too

Abhishek Prasad
2 min readFeb 3, 2022

In our day-to-day lives now, we have far too many choices to take and decision to make. Far too many choices need a lot of brain processing and context switching is one of the worst things you can do to complete a particular task. One such mistake I was making was trying to get daily digest from medium. This idea came from a simple honest place, “Each day before I begin work, I will take 20–30 mins to read something about tech.” To just look for something inspirational and be motivated all day long. But this went a bit awry, with each unread email, I could not help but feel the todo list grow.

Incomplete morning routines

Whatever I did all day, when I opened my email after my working hours were done, I would feel a sense of doubt if I did enough to grow or am I still at the same place I start the day with. My brain instinctually went with the latter and that was not really helping.

To look at it this way, I learned that I needed to revise a decision I made a year ago as I felt it was not serving the purpose I needed it to serve. So I turned my medium digest off. The idea is to consciously go to medium and explore things there.

The results have been that I am more at peace at the start and end of my working day. Also, I actually again started liking the process of going to medium and reading articles. Enjoying the process in the meantime.

Weekly digest might be another option for people to choose.

In hindsight, I have to acknowledge that this habit came from having a severe FOMO about tech learnings and being 10 steps behind in my career and not being able to fulfil my potential, whatever that might be. But I do learn each and every day. No matter how small, a win is a win and it helps build momentum. Just need to make sure to reduce friction for that momentum.

So, in a nutshell, do you need to turn off the daily digest? Depends on your individual case and what do you think would be ideal for you. Whatever decision you make/habits you build today, maybe ask yourself in 4–5 months if it is still serving the original purpose to the optimum.



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