It just doesn’t work! *Rage Alert* #100DaysofCode #Day11


1000 billion errors!!

what is it? not enough privileges

$sudo npm-install

$npm start

Delete the code, try it again



maybe I should update npm and node.

Google that again. After several failed attempts, came to know that I could update node in just one freaking line!


Delete the code, try it again..

$npm start



In short, that’s how my day went, fixing errors and lastly finding out that it was the God DAMN IDE!!

Had I not paid for the Nano degree, I am 100% sure that would have been it! End of my learning curve!

My health had been on a proper downslide. Proper fever along with a cough and cold. I miss home. Hence I planned a trip to my home next week. I hope to be able to get some proper things done tomorrow.

I also may be starting a work on a project, like a proper one. It’s amazing how things can seem frustrating and on the way up at the same time.

I had a question that I have been meaning to ask others. I have a condition in which I am not unhappy about a person being successful but their success makes me question my growth. Which I know is not a great a thing to do since we all are separate individuals. But still, if anyone one of you has any advice or face a similar situation, please email me or ping me if you’re in contact with me

song of the day-

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