Live to fight another day #100DaysofCode #Day10

JavaScript is tough mate! When I thought I had a basic understanding of what it is. Enter YDKJS. I remember trying to write some ember code thinking, “I’ll learn it as I go along”. I know, please dont roast me for being too confident. This is the perfect time for me to be leaning more about js as I am doing the Nanodegree and YDKJS is a boon. I learned whats transpiling and how to make components in React. Hopefully I’ll start working on the twitch api app soon.

I did have an awesome day in terms of roaming around the city with my friends. I have been focusing so hard on skill-set development that I had forgotten about them altogether.

That is all that’s gonna go in my blog today guys. I know its a short one but I’m just not feeling it today.

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