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Abhishek Prasad
3 min readApr 10, 2018

I have seen quite a lot of Ted talks, seminars, meet ups. But this time I was given a challenge to manage one. The opportunity was provided by a group of amazing developers(who are mentors to me and have helped me a whole lot) from Intel. The venue was sponsored by Institute of Engineering and Management.

The people who made it possible
Our Faculty-In-Charge who was the first to listen to us and supported us throughout the way. Without his support the venue would have been a no go.

The first problem was to get the necessary crowd to sign up. For that we started out registrations very early and got upto 200+ registrations for an event venue that could hold about 100 people at max. So that phase went well.

The team that stuck together

I had an amazing team to work with. There were some moments of friction, I’m not gonna lie but it went amazingly well. Following was the line up of speakers.

Our institute’s Director Sir opened the event motivating students about the agenda.

The amazing and always inspiring Manisha Biswas, Women Techmakers chapter lead, Kolkata.

Followed by an online session by the one and only Peter Ma. I completely “fan boyed” during his talk. I’m just glad I got to ask few questions.

Avirup Vasu with an amazing presentation on Internet of things.

We understood that we were stretching the patience of the students so we took a break and had some PIZZA along with soft drinks. I had to mention the menu cz it was PIZZZAAAA.

Oh the satisfaction!

Back to the session!!

Your’s truly with his first tech talk on websockets.

The superb Abhishek Nandy, speaking on Artificial Intelligence. That talk made me wanna start to learn.

Another online session on AI from Mr Adam Milton Barker.

All in all that was an amazing experience, meeting a whole bunch of developers. It was an amazing feeling coming home with new ideas, aspirations and the will to work hard to make a change.

It all ended on a successful note.



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