Problems? Everyone has them #100DaysofCode #Day3

Abhishek Prasad
3 min readJun 22, 2017

I wasn’t really productive today. Started off very late in the day. Still, I was able to get some things done. I had decided to alternate between two groups of tasks that make up my summer list of things which I wanna finish. So I finally started off with @p1xt’s curriculum. I was able to finish week 0 of the CS50 course. I felt like I knew all the things still I went on watching the lecture and realised that it only helped me get interested in Algorithms again.

I went on to solve 2 problems on HackerRank on Data-Structures and then solved one Intermediate Scripting problem in FCC. As the day started to dawn, I started to get an overwhelming sense as I was thinking about how much I don’t know. But then I went for a walk and it started raining and It helped me calm my mind a lot.

Re-energised I finished off a UI design for a project. It looks decent enough. I’ll post it once me and my team-mate start the implementation of the UI.

As I was walking through the rain, I remembered a conversation I had with a friend(Lets call her Julia) today. I’m sure many of us have a particular friend who listens to all our problems and never gets a chance to share their problems with us as we are so absorbed in our stuff. I was once a friend like that for someone and it really made me angry with myself as I felt exploited to the helm. So back to Julia, I always shared my problems with her for the past 3–4 months in which we became close friends and she had gone beyond her resources to help me get through. I realised that today and asked her about her problems…

The poor soul had lost her father, and was in a very very very bad situation some 6–7 years ago. Julia had gone through a heck lot of downs and fought them bravely to be where she is right now(and she will succeed in future) and the fact that she had that much confidence in my to share such a painful memory with me, made me realise that I needed to be a better friend to my friends. So I have made a decision to keep in touch with friends and family and not get completely lost in my quest.

We often think our problems are the biggest and make a really big fuss about it to get some sympathy from others to justify that our problems are big. But if we really see, there are billions of people who have more grave problems. I realised how our ego keeps us in our small little bubble where we are the Kings/Queens.

So that was Day 3 of #100DaysofCode, hope to keep going and keep coding!



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