Selfishness.. Sometimes you need it! #100DaysofCode

Abhishek Prasad
3 min readJun 20, 2017

Finally I start the phase of my life where I am going to be unbearably selfish,
and completely self-obsessed. I have always heard quotes like, “Be good to others, it’ll come back”,etc.But people don’t realise that everyone has their own way of being good and most of the time, it clashes with the other version of “Being Good”.

But where did the idea started taking it’s shape?

Right after my preparations for my semesters ended. I went for a Google conference that had taken place in the city I live in. Since I couldn’t split myself and be in two places at the same time, I had to miss a college placement meeting where nothing important(Honestly..) was going to happen. Here I was networking with the top people who are where they are just because of their sheer hard-work and work-ethic. But my college had
other plans and made me realise that. People care about you only as long as you’re an asset to them. After some ego-shattering deliberations, I realised that that’s the way how the world works. So what could I do about it?

1)Either continue the way I am and become a pawn in the hands of those who exploit…
2)Invest my time and energy in myself so that I could decide who I would rather get exploited by..

But you are exploited if you see it clearly…

What steps did I take?

Hence my decisions to change myself completely..
I signed up for a membership at the gym and things have been going slowwwwwww. But I’ll get there.

Coding wise I had made a decision to properly invest my time in Web Development.
I am currently making up a map in my head about how should I proceed with the web development.
So far, FCC and projects were the only thing that came to mind.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”
How can I expect I will be?…

Nonetheless, I got some work done.
Did two Intermediate Algorithm Scripting. I didn’t expect them to be so time consuming.But they do take time.
I never got the point of practising algorithms for development.I thought only competitive coders did that, but as multiple people have suggested so I am involving myself more and more into this. I have signed up for this website named “HackerRank” and will be coding to improve my data-structure concept for the moment.

I have also decided to pursue the

guide-”Web Development with Computer Science Foundations — comprehensive”. Lets see I am hoping to start that in a couple of days.
Other than this I saw tutorials on service workers and am blown away by the shear amount of things that I have to learn. Couldn’t even get the service worker registered.
I will begin my work on the Patatap Clone as I write this and will update more tomorrow..



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