The big announcement!

Abhishek Prasad
2 min readJun 7, 2018

Definitely not as big as Github being acquired by Microsoft. But a big announcement nonetheless. I just graduated, finishing my bachelors. I left college feeling amazing as I received mentoring just at the right time about everything. Hence, I had thought about guiding some of my juniors a year before. It went better than I had expected. One is a GSOCer and the other two are on their own entrepreneurial journey having co-founded two amazing start-ups. Hence, this idea popped up.

What is WrippleFOSS?

WrippleFOSS wishes to bring together students who want to become better developers and build projects. Help them in finishing a project in a span of 6 weeks, so that in the end they have a working project which they can be proud of. We would obviously put more emphasis on making open source project, dividing the students into teams based on their interests and assigning few mentors(If you are interested in being a mentor, kindly get in touch with me) to the teams and let their enthusiasm and talent shine.

How is WrippleFOSS useful?

WrippleFOSS gives an opportunity to the students to break out of their regular curriculum and build amazing projects with teammates, under the guidance of a mentor. Plus if the project is finished it will be added to the main WrippleFOSS org and those people will be given complete control of the particular organisation repository.

How does one apply?

Here is the link for students to apply:
As mentioned above those interested in mentoring can contact me.

Difference between a student and a mentor?

The mentor is expected to have a working knowledge of how a product is to be built. The students work on their projects, the mentor gives suggestions on how to proceed with the project.


For the students, none! You just need to have enough enthusiasm and drive to learn something new and help others via your learning experience.

Investments? Return on investment?

You don’t have to invest anything except your time and enthusiasm, the whole initiative will be completely online(Digital nomad FTW!). The return on investment at the moment will be a strong understanding of open source and collaborations. Also having pet projects to work on would be a huge plus for the future.

If you have any questions reach out to me at, I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Last date of applying: 15th June 2018. Hope to collaborate soon!



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